Company Philosophy

We participate in the offshore oil & gas industry, contributing to the production of hydrocarbons, based on efficient processes, implemented with committed people and state of the art technology.

Organizational Competences:

At COTEMAR, our employees meet the standard to be part of the best possible team.


Quality Policy, Safety, Health and Environmental Protection:

At COTEMAR we are committed to providing quality services that meet our customers’ expectations while always complying with international, legal, and regulatory standards.


Environmental Protection Regulations:

It is the duty for all those who work at COTEMAR, and anyone employed at our facilities, to comply with the policies established for environmental protection and pollution prevention.


Statement of Ethics:

As a company we are committed to our customers, partners, employees, and shareholders, as well as with the government, society, and competitors; hence, we operate under a Code of Ethics and Conduct.