Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Protection

At COTEMAR we are committed to providing quality services that satisfy our customers’ expectations while always complying with international, legal, and regulatory standards, employing innovative methods of operation and technology that drive the company to be the best option in the market.

Our operations are founded in:


Safety to prevent incidents and injuries in our daily operations, protecting our employees’ mental and physical welfare through constant risk evaluation that allows for immediate and opportune actions.


It is Cotemar’s primary and continuing undertaking to provide adequate nourishment for the health and safety our employees and contractors at all times, while they are within our facilities and vessels.


Respect for the environment by continuously acting in favor of it, for our own benefit and that of the community.

Management systems

Use management systems as tools to guarantee quality operations and services.

Continuous improvement

The health of each employee is important to ensure their maximum potential and general welfare.

Corporate values and business ethics

The conviction that each employee must act in accordance with the corporate values and business ethics that distinguish the company.