Environmental Protection Regulations

At COTEMAR, our employees comply with the standards to be part of the best possible team.


It is the duty for all who work at COTEMAR and anyone who is in our facilities to comply with the policies established for environmental protection and pollution prevention in all our onshore and offshore facilities.


All activities are consistent with our Quality, Safety, & Health and Environmental Protection Policy, in order to prevent, mitigate, and reduce environmental impact.


Any material or residual substance with corrosive, reactive, explosive, toxic, flammable, biological-infectious (feature CRETIB) or radioactive properties is placed in suitable containers and sites identified in compliance with regulations.


We do not discharge wastewater into the sea, lagoon, soil, or subsoil without authorization and appropriate treatment to comply with the limits allowed by applicable regulations.


We do not throw or intentionally release all kinds of waste into the sea, rivers, spoil, or the atmosphere.


We do not deliberately dump things into the sea without first having made the necessary formalities for registration and analysis of the substance.


We do not do physiological needs at sea or any other body of water.


We do not fish, catch, trade or are involved with any aquatic or terrestrial organism while at COTEMAR´S operating units and facilities .


The cleaning of any material impregnated with oils or any other chemical substance or hydrocarbon, is performed at sites equipped with drainage which is intended for the above purposes. We do not discharge remnants into the drain or sea without proper pretreatment.


In the event of a spill of any polluting material or product on board, we report it to Captain of the vessel, following the proper contingency measures and actions of containment; we also notify the operational areas and Safety and Environmental Protection department.


At onshore facilities, in the event of a spill of a polluting product, we notify the proper authorities and follow contingency measures and emergency protocols that COTEMAR has established, avoiding contamination of soil, subsoil, or bodies of water; we also notify the operational areas and Safety and Environmental Protection department.


In the event that it is necessary to perform any activities in critical areas of environmental vulnerability, both at sea and on land, we follow the required legal authorizations and mitigation measures prior the start of constructions and activities.