CSR Decalogue

A Socially Responsible Company

COTEMAR strongly believes in its values, and its activities strengthen the welfare of its people and the community; COTEMAR also cares about the environment. Accordingly, all performed activities are driven by its ethics.

Ethics and Transparency

COTEMAR works with transparency, honesty, and professionalism, based on its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

The Value of Our People

COTEMAR’s most important asset is its people, as well as their professional and human development. The sum of its employees’ talents has given as result a continual success in the business world.

Respect for Human Rights

COTEMAR ensures a healthy organizational environment to its employees, respecting human dignity; COTEMAR is against any kind of discrimination, abuse, harassment, and child labor in all its operations. COTEMAR invites its trust chain to observe the same principles.

The Value of Community

COTEMAR is committed to the community. COTEMAR promotes projects which bring both, opportunities to vulnerable groups and a better quality of life. Not providing social benefits would mean COTEMAR business ethics is not being practiced.

Responsible Marketing

COTEMAR develops a trust relationship with its customers. COTEMAR offers high quality services while taking care for its people’s health and safety.

Chain of Trust

Its partners and stakeholders find in COTEMAR an ally. Our company firmly believes in its business sustainability. Therefore, COTEMAR supports its chain of trust development.

Respect for the Environment

Respect for the environment is a given in all our operations. COTEMAR promotes the use of clean technologies and carries out actions focused on the care of our environment.

Our Commitments Compliance

COTEMAR supports its reputation with the strictest compliance of all its commitments: to its people, customers, authorities and chain of trust. COTEMAR fulfills its legal and tax obligations, as well as any applicable regulation.

Sense of Belonging

All COTEMAR’s employees know and live the company Mission, Vision, and Corporate Values. We are proud to be part of COTEMAR.