Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, October 6, 2019.

Regarding the fire that occurred on a ship at the Akal C-8 complex this Sunday at 3:40 a.m., Cotemar wishes to clarify the following:

1. The ship, Isla Ciari, does not belong to Cotemar, as some local media have stated.

2. At 3:41 a.m, Cotemar, as support and in response to this situation, activated the Fire Emergency Response Plan and carried out the protocols necessary to safeguard the integrity of the persons and facilities.

3. At 3:50 a.m, the fire was entirely controlled and Cotemar subsequently provided medical assistance to seven crewmembers of the Isla Ciari ship.

4. No Cotemar employees were affected by the incident.

5. We sympathize with the crew and staff of the Isla Ciari ship and we wish them a quick recovery.

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