Statement of Ethics

We are a company committed to our clients, partners, employees, and shareholders, alongside with the government, society, and our competitors we follow a Code of Ethics and Conduct.  Established by senior management, it expresses the company commitment to maintain the highest ethical standards of performance, as well as preserve our position as a leader in the offshore oil services sector.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct defines the values and principles that govern the actions of our employees and expectations of our stakeholders.

All our employees certify that they know and fully comply with the code precepts.

Furthermore, Cotemar has an anonymous mailbox to report any violations to this code.

At Cotemar we have undertaken the effort to provide more transparency, trust, and security in business, trade, and labor relations.

In order to strengthen our culture of transparency in the organization, a anonymous mailbox has been created to report any situation that does not meet the standards of transparency, trust, and/or safety.

Through this mailbox, it is possible to anonymously report any situation or personnel with the assurance that the report will be maintained confidential.