Code of Ethics and Conduct

Code of Ethics and Conduct

Grupo Cotemar México (GCM) and subsidiary companies, seek excellence through the intense experience of what we value, we are distinguished for being a company committed to its philosophy and to society, thus achieving an image of service and quality.

Our values are the foundation upon which our actions and ethics become a key factor for the development of our operations, being the generator of confidence that represents a mark of distinction that our customers and the market value positively.

Our Social Responsibility strategy is aligned with the Principles of the Global Compact, which establishes a firm anti-corruption commitment and maintain the highest standards of compliance and transparency.

In order to share our values and convey the importance of ethics to our stakeholders, we developed an Integrated System of Ethics, which monitors and seeks an ethical climate within the organization.

This system establishes mechanisms for communication, diffusion and monitoring the guidelines established by the Committee of Ethics and Code of Ethics and Conduct, as well as detect and punish inappropriate behaviors and encourage reporting of bad practices through an Ethics Reporting Hotline.

The Integral System of Ethics is an applicable commitment to all stakeholders of GCM. The standards set forth in our Code of Ethics and Conduct must be followed in addition to the internal Policies and Procedures and in strict compliance with the applicable Laws and Regulations.

We reiterate the commitment to ethical behavior and the willingness of all of us in GCM to maintain competitiveness, good practices and industrial safety at all times, preserving human rights and the integrity of all people.

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