Aviso de Privacidad

I. Responsible’s Identification and personal data processing

In accordance to article 17, fraction II of the Federal Law for the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Private Parties and article 13 of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council, we inform you that Cotemar S.A. de C.V., its subsidiaries and/or affiliated companies (hereinafter “Cotemar”), with offices at Paseo de la Reforma 483, Piso 52, Colonia Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México, C.P. 06500, is held responsible for the use and protection of all your personal data within the established terms of this Privacy Notice.

For the specific case of citizens and/or residents of the European Union, we make of your knowledge that the legitimacy for the processing of your personal data, is the execution of an existing contractual relationship and/or the legitimate interest of Cotemar to initiate a new commercial relationship with you and/or the company you belong or represent, with the treatment provided being the most appropriate because there are no other less harmful means that serve to achieve that objective. On the other hand, we inform you that the data retention period is ten years after the end of the contractual relationship in question, or when it is not possible to reach the contracting of any good or service, for ten years counted from the last management carried out by Cotemar for this purpose. Finally, you are informed that your data will not be subject to automated decisions for its management.

II. Purposes

Processing of personal information will be made for the following purposes:

  • a) Needed to establish a legal bound with the responsible:
    • I. To offer jobs or temporary assignments to you or to be offered to you by some customer.
    • II. To fulfill our services’ contracts with our clients.
    • III. To evaluate if you are qualified to be assigned to any job or function; to be able to communicate with you about any vacancies offered and to inform our customers and partners about our services.
    • IV. To conduct any investigation or analysis, for statistical purposes, to establish remuneration schemes or to evaluate the performance and growth of the responsible, subsidiaries, employees and working market.
    • V. To generate profiles and working structures that allow the improvement and growth of productivity as well as any other purpose the Responsible considers necessary to improve the working conditions;
    • VI. For management purposes, like risk management, to fulfill legal obligations or needs, to resolve or defend against any lawsuit or complaint.
  • b) Others
    • I. To transfer your personal data to a third party in terms of this privacy notice

Thus, and to accomplish the purposes exposed before, the following personal data will be processed: name, family name, gender, date of birth, age, RFC, Social Security Number, IMSS Clinic, CURP, Photo, date of admission, seniority, mobile number, mobile number contact, family phone number, family number contact, email, life insurance beneficiary, place of birth, county, state, nationality, civil status (if married, place and date of marriage), street and number, neighborhood, postal code, home phone, parents’ names (if applicable children and spouse/husband), height, weight, name and validity of any regulatory documentation, study grade, availability, social-economic data, family data, previous jobs, contacts in case of emergency, signature and fingerprints, copy of birth certificate, copy of recommendation letter, copy of proof of studies, copy of Official ID, copy of ID badge from previous jobs, copy of CURP, copy of Social Security Number, Copy of seaman’s book and any basic safety course certificate or regulatory document, passport number, number and copy of proof of military service, class and number of driver license, hobbies, practiced sports, name and relationship of any person with whom you live, name and relationship of any person who depends economically on you, name, occupation, and age of parents, proof of marriage (original or certified copy), name and age of children and spouse/husband, institution, languages, responsibility, attendance and punctuality, work relationships, job preferences, position, name or corporate name address, period of employment, cause of labor relationship ending and any phone number of the company, company within the person works or worked, salary, incompletions, bans, misses, attendances, extra time, benefits, deductions, immediate superior, actual occupation, monthly income, Facebook username, Twitter username, Linkedin username, salary account number. For life insurance: name(s), family name, relationship, RFC, CURP, phone number and address of all beneficiaries, birth certificate of all beneficiaries (originals and certified copies), national ID Card copy, in case of accidental death, interventions of the public ministry are required, occupation before and after the accident, date and place of the accident, physician’s information (name, address, specialty, professional license number), description of death causes, general information of insurance policy, radiological studies interpretation, medical report; For car insurance: copy of the vehicle’s bill, copy of the vehicle’s registration certificate; the following financial information: bank account numbers, amount of money transfers, number of vehicle’s registration certificate, bank accounts, bank loans, CLABE and account for retirement; health information as: consultations, pregnancy, inabilities to work, actual health condition, blood type, lab studies, family health records, clinical record. If foreign: legal documentation that permits the person to work legally in our country, copy of proof of competency, copy of scholar degree, copy of Mexican Visa or Multiple Migration Form (FMM), and any personal information requested by the National Institute of Migration for any migratory document process, like fingerprints, photo, and signature.

II. Sensitive personal information

The Responsible will manage the following sensitive information: civil status, disabilities, type of disability, health condition, medical records, religious, philosophical and moral beliefs, height, weight, ailments, medical treatment, injuries or accidents, affiliation to any union, any legal process in which the person is involved, social or sports club.

III. Use and spread of information limits

The Responsible has designated someone in charge of personal information handling (Privacy Officer). So, you may limit the use or spread of your personal information by a formal request to the Responsible. The request must be made at the address given before, within all the established processes and detailed in the next section.

IV. Revoke the consent given about personal information processing

You will be able to revoke the consent about personal information processing using the ARCO format (Access, Rectification, Cancellation, and Opposition) through Contacto 3000 or by the following mail: contacto3000@cotemar.com.mx, or, if preferred, directly through our modules located at Calle 32 entre 29 y 29A # 25 Col. Centro, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche CP 24100 from 8:00- 20:00 weekdays, from 9:00-13:00 and15:00-17:00 weekends; Edificio Administrativo Av. 4 Oriente S/N Puerto Pesquero Laguna Azul, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, CP 24140 from 8:30-14:30 and 17:00-19:00 weekdays. A motive letter must be sent before attending to any module, justifying the repeal. The letter must be signed. If after the repeal you request confirmation, a confirmation email will be sent or a phone call will be placed by the Responsible, indicating when the person whose personal information is being processed, should attend once more to any of our modules.

V. Means to practice ARCO rights

You have the right to: (i) access to your personal information within our power or to know how we process them; (ii) Rectify in case your information is not accurate or is incorrect; (iii) Cancel them whenever your personal information is not used as stipulated in this privacy policy, it is being used in a non-allowed manner or the legal or contractual relationship is finished; (iv) Oppose to the processing of your personal information as stipulated by law (as well as stipulated by ARCO). To practice your ARCO rights, a request must be made (ARCO format) to the Responsible, addressed to the Privacy Official via email to contacto3000@cotemar.com.mx; if email is not available, the person requesting the practice of ARCO rights must attend to any of the modules within our facilities, located at Calle 32 entre 29 y 29A # 25 Col. Centro, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche CP 24100 from 8:00- 20:00 weekdays, from 9:00-13:00 and15:00-17:00 weekends; Edificio Administrativo Av. 4 Oriente S/N Puerto Pesquero Laguna Azul, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, CP 24140 from 8:30-14:30 and 17:00-19:00 weekdays. The request must have attached the following information: a) name, address, and email to notify the answer about ARCO format; b) Coyu of any official ID to acknowledge your identity (official ID, passport), or any legal documentation that acknowledges another person as your legal representative (the original document must be shown to give the answer about your request to your representative); c) A clear and precise description about the personal information which is subject to the practice of the ARCO rights; d) Any document or information that helps to locate your personal information; and e) In case you request a recertification of your personal data, you must indicate which modifications are needed to be done as well as all documentation which supports your request. The Privacy Official will answer your ARCO request and all causes of his/her decision via email, or directly at any of our modules within 20 business days from the date your ARCO request was submitted. In case your ARCO request is approved, the requested modifications will be done in a maximum of 15 business days. If a time extension is needed, the responsible will notify the applicant about this situation. The time extension will be as large as the first declared period. Only one time extension may be used. The Responsible could deny any access (“negative answer”) about the practice of ARCO rights, always regarding any stipulated situation by law. In case of a denial, the Responsible must inform the causes of this decision. If it is only a partial denial, the Responsible will execute the access, recertification, cancellation or opposition in the allowed part. ARCO rights practice is free; however, if the applicant cancels his/her request within a 12 month period, a three day minimum salary plus taxes fee will apply (Distrito Federal’s minimum salary). If the cancellation of the request is caused by major changes to the Privacy Policy, no fee will be applied. The applicant will pay for the any shipping cost or any additional copy requested and, if applicable, the documents’ certification.

VI. Changes or modifications to the Privacy Policy

The Responsible has the right to make any modification or updates at any time to the Privacy Policy. Any modification or update will be communicated to any user with at least 30 days of anticipation to the date in which the modifications or updates will be applied. The communication will be made by our official website at www.cotemar.com.mx . In case any security vulnerability presents during any step of the processing of your personal information, and this vulnerability affects your patrimonial or moral rights, the Privacy Official will communicate this situation to you immediately for you to take any necessary action to defend your rights. If any interested person does not have an email, the notification will be published in the official website of the Responsible, or the notification could be consulted directly through Contacto 3000, by email to contacto3000@cotemar.com.mx, or by phone call to the following number 01 80 046300.

VII. Transfer of your personal information.

We inform you that your personal information may be transferred within or outside our country to the following list of recipients:

Tipo de Destinatario


COTEMAR SA DE CV Management requirements to fulfill the business needs.
(Subsidiaries) Management requirements to fulfill the business needs.
PEMEX Information to issue boarding passes
ATLANTIC SA DE CV Vehicle and Medical insurance processing
AXA SA DE CV Beneficiary inclusion or change in the life insurance policy .
BANAMEX SA DE CV Owner or additional cards connection.
FONACOT product or service acquisition
INFONAVIT product or service acquisition.
IMSS permanent authorization paperwork and any requested process by this institution./td>
INSTITUTO NACIONAL DE MIGRACIÓN Migratory documentation paperwork.
SECRETARIA DE HACIENDA Y CREDITO PÚBLICO Annual Statement information about salaries.
INEGI Statistical Information.
SECRETARIA DE COMUNICACIONES Y TRANSPORTES marine regulatory information paperwork
Development and training suppliers Schedule, paperwork and issue of any proof of competence
Instituciones Médicas Medical records for check-up & medical emergencies
FUNDEC A.C. Scholarships assignment.

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