All the activities we perform through our SRC program are supported by the following code:

We firmly believe in our values. Therefore, the activities performed under this program strengthen the wellbeing of our people, the community, and the environment and as such, our actions are consistent with the company’s ethics.

We develop a trusting relationship with our customers. We offer high-quality services while also caring for the health and safety of our people.

We work in a transparent, honest, and professional manner, adhering to our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Our suppliers and stakeholders find an ally in Cotemar since we firmly believe in the sustainability of our business sustainability. Accordingly, we support the development of our chain of trust.

Cotemar’s most valuable asset is its people, and this is why we support their professional and human development. The talent of our people has allowed our company to succeed.

Respect for the environment is implicit in all our operations. We promote the use of clean technologies and perform activities to care for our environment.

We ensure that all work is performed in a healthy organizational environment and with absolute respect for human dignity. We stand against any kind of discrimination, abuse, harassment, and child labor in all our operations and we encourage the members of our chain of trust to follow the same principles.

Cotemar stands by its reputation by fully complying with all our commitments: our people, customers, authorities, and chain of trust. We comply with our legal and tax obligations and with any applicable regulations.

Cotemar is committed to its community. We support projects that will provide opportunities and a better quality of life for vulnerable groups. We would not be able to say that we follow the company´s ethics if we do not provide a benefit for society.

As employees, we all live the company´s Mission, Vision, and Corporate Values. We are proud to be part of Cotemar.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Cotemar bases the sustainability strategy through the Corporate Social Responsability Policy, which establishes commitments in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) matters, based on 5 strategic pillars:

•The CSR Management continuous improvement model must be implemented, maintained, evaluated and ensured, including the associated risks and the controls established for their mitigation.

•An induction and continuous training in CSR process must be established for all GCM employees.

•Guarantee accountability for management model results to Senior Management, as well as the preparation and communication of the Sustainability Report to stakeholders.

•A CSR communication system that includes all stakeholders must be created.

•GCM must foster a culture based on organization values, as well as the best international ethical and transparent practices.

•The corporate governance model must be defined, implemented and disseminated to reinforce the company’s ethical, responsible and upright behavior with all its stakeholders.

•Conditions must be established to provide a respectful and equitable work environment, ensuring the employees’ health and safety; an environment with equal opportunities for access, compensation, and promotion in the workplace, as well as training and skills development.

•Respect for and compliance with Universal Human Rights must be monitored in all processes with GCM stakeholders.

•Ensuring the company’s behavior as a corporate citizen in the communities where it carries out business in order to strengthen economic, social and environmental networks.

•GCM shall foster a culture of donation, participation, and social responsibility among its employees.

•Promoting CSR in GCM’s value chain

•Compliance with environmental and other applicable laws and regulations.

•Pollution prevention and efficient use of resources are necessary to avoid, and to the extent possible, prevent climate change.

•Conditions must be established to protect and preserve the ecosystems and biodiversity where GCM carries out business.

CRS Principles


GCM is guided by the CSR action principles contained in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.


Implementing a CSR management system that contributes to fulfilling our commitments to our stakeholders, as set forth in our organizational values and defined in the Code of Ethics and Conduct.


Respecting the rules, seeking to go beyond the mere words of the law towards a spirit of transparency, trust, and accountability.


Combating all internal and external corruption practices, including extortion and bribery, through a zero tolerance policy.


Respecting human dignity with justice and equity in all our actions, adhering to the Universal Human Rights established by the UN.


Providing favorable working conditions for quality of life, which are equitable and contribute to professional and human development.


Respecting the environment in any and all operation processes, generating, in addition, preservation actions.


Contributing to community development as part of our strategy to increase social capital, generate shared value, and significantly contribute to the common good.


Seeking competitiveness, supporting and adopting clear trade rules and respecting healthy competition.


Establishing all continuous improvement actions for the adequacy and efficiency of the CSR management system.

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