Our collaboration culture turns challenges into great opportunities.

We provide comprehensive offshore exploration and production (E&P) solutions, ranging from operational support to design and construction projects.


To be a world-class sustainable oil company in the energy sector that is recognized for its excellence in creating value and offering innovative quality solutions to our customers and stakeholders, while always acting safely, responsibly, and with respect for the environment.


We are the leading company that provides products and services to the oil industry in Mexico while complying with high quality, safety, environmental protection, and effectiveness standards using efficient processes, cutting-edge technology, dedicated personnel, and institutional values that contribute responsibly to Mexico’s development.


We are a company that lives its institutional values:


We operate ethically with consistency, honesty, and transparency, adhering to our institutional values, and always within the legal framework and regulations that govern us


We strive to achieve excellence in our services, processes, and modes of operation through our sharp results-oriented focus.


We adopt new ideas, challenge ourselves constantly, and create better value alternatives for our company.


We work as a team and promote camaraderie, synergy, and the development of the talents of our people. We learn and improve with respect, humility, and a positive attitude.


We strive to achieve a sustainable balance between the use of our resources, the environment, and the community. We compete with honesty and comply with all established laws and policies because our top priority is to keep everyone safe.


We are committed to the health and safety of our people, protecting the environment, and to ensuring that we provide top-quality services that comply with the strictest international standards.

HSEQ Our Integrated Quality Management System protects all Cotemar employees while increasing our competitiveness and productivity through four fundamental principles:

Occupational Health:

We protect the health of our employees because, for us, it the most valuable possession anyone can have.

Industrial Safety:

We promote a proactive safety culture to prevent situations that could represent a risk for our employees.


We continuously perform activities to care for the environment, both to benefit ourselves and the community.


We strive to do things right from the outset and as such, our continuous improvement culture allows us to ensure that our processes will be performed efficiently and effectively.

The pillars that underpin all our operations are:

Política de Seguridad, Salud y Protección Ambiental